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Mandarinpopmusic.com is a guide to chinese music, sung in mandarin.

'Mandopop' as it is known, is a vibrant, uplifting and often emotional genre of chinese music.

This site contains chinese music (C Pop music) (Mandopop) of a select few chinese singers. There are many more other great Mandopop artists out there.

The site is primarily designed for those whose primary language is not Chinese, as we presume that Chinese speakers (and particularly Mandarin speakers) will already be familiar with this music.

Mandarin Pop Music.com will be bringing you the latest chinese music (mandopop artists) (c pop artists) and classic tracks from the past.

We will not focus solely on the mainstream chinese pop artists but this site will also bring to you the latest mandarin chinese hip-hop artists & mandarin chinese rap artists from Taiwan and the wider Southeast Asian region.

Artists that Mandarin Pop Music.com will feature include A-Lin, Rainie Yang, Khalil Fong, Evangeline, A-Yue, Tia Ray, Trout Fresh, Fish Leong, Vicky Chen, Julia Wu, G.E.M., a-MEI, Ching G Squad, JiaJia, Boon Hui Lu, Dawen, Joanne Tseng, Janice Yan, Christine Fan, Eason Chan, Huang Yali, JJ Lin, Will Pan, Tiger Hu, Cyndi Wang, Jolin Tsai, Faye Wong, Karen Kong, J Sheon, LaLa Hsu, Tanya Chua, Kimberley, OSN, Aska Yang, Ariel Tsai, SHOU, Joker Xue and many many others. 

A small note on the chinese mandarin language

'Mandarin' as we know it really refers to the spoken form of 'Northern Chinese Mandarin' or 'Beijing Mandarin'. There are many other dialects of mandarin and other forms of the chinese language such as Cantonese (as used in Hong Kong) and Hokkien.

'Beijing Mandarin' is also referred to as 'Standard Chinese'.

Most of the songs we will refer to in this site will be sung in 'standard mandarin'. 


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